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I know from my experience that after 6 years of debilitating back pain, a few sessions with yourselves virtually eliminated all of the pain and discomfort. Fantastic treatment and I couldn't recommend you more highly!
Mr S.B

I trust Verity more than I trust my GP, to give advice and explanations on how to deal with my back problems. Her calm and reassuring approach is so helpful when dealing with something like back pain. I love my appointments because I know I am in good hands, literally! I urge you to go and see her if you have problems, she is very knowledgable, kind and helpful with great tips on how to deal with your individual problem. I am delighted to be one of her patients.
Mrs R.L

I have known veritymartinchiro since 2007. Verity first helped me with recovering from the birth of my first child and she also helped her in the first year of her life especially with recurring ear infections. When I moved away from them, I tried an osteopath who just made my symptoms worse. I therefore decided to start travelling back to Verity and Martin as I could trust them. I have been back since. Two weeks ago, I went to see Martin to look at my children (3 and 6 years old). When they arrived, they fought as to who would go first, as they love getting a treatment too!
Mrs C.H

My story is similar to many: years of back pain, years of seeing doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths and no joy. In late 2009, I was recommended to Verity by friends who had been treated by her with great results. I admit I was skeptical. I hobbled in (couldn't walk) and was so much straighter on the way out. In all my years of pain, she was the only professional who diagnosed the real reason of my back pain. She has been helping me since then and although I have to be careful, she has shown me a way to manage my back and pelvis. Her approach is holistic and I am truly grateful to her. I still see her now even though I live in the US for months at a time. Thank you.
Mrs R.G

After suffering years of chronic back pain (and surgery on my spine), I was recommended by a friend to see Martin. I have been under his care now for 4 months and I have had remarkable improvement. He now also treats my husband and two of my sons. I would highly recommend him.
Mrs R.R

I cant wait to see you and give you the biggest hug!
The regular treatments with you gave me the confidence to get pregnant, ensured an amazing pregnancy (SPD meant I was worried about carrying for 9 months, but you kept me mobile right to the end) and the most beautiful birth ever (water birth using 2 paracetamols)
I am eternally grateful…
See you next week - an 11 day old wants to experience your magic!

Mrs A.A

For more information on how we may be able to help you or to book an appointment please contact us at 01256 630506 or office@hookchiro.co.uk