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About Chiropractic Care

When asked, we find that most of our patients understand the basis of how our bodies stand and move. They appreciate that the skeleton forms a framework to which our muscles attach. With the proper control and appropriate feedback, we are bestowed the gift of upright movement. This is a result of our evolutionary development that underpins our day-to-day functioning.

All bodily function is ultimately controlled by the brain and communicated via nerves (known as motor nerves). These mostly run within the spinal cord, where they are protected by the vertebrae of your spinal column. From here they travel out through the tissues of the body to the target organ/muscles. The brain can only make accurate decisions on the basis of previous experience and real time information. This information is provided by receptors in the skin, muscles, joints and connective tissue and communicated back to the brain via (sensory) nerves. These nerves also travel through the tissues, back to the spine and then the brain, which is protected in the bony cavity of the skull (a.s.a.p. cranium).

These feedback systems are an intrinsic part of nervous system activity, influencing a host of body systems including movement. Like all information systems we are subject to �noise on the line� which can interfere with our control mechanisms. This can be minimal e.g. when you are walking with a stone in your shoe, to major e.g. a fracture. The effects of this interference on the bodily system is either

  1. You don�t notice it
  2. You notice it initially, but then get used to it
  3. You are aware of it all the time

You may notice these changes as pain or aching, imbalance, nerve dysfunction (pins and needles/numbness) or you may not be aware of the disruption at all. Of course you are likely to have more than a single source of interference within the whole system.

A chiropractors� job is to identify, as far as possible, sources of system interference and correct them where possible. Pain can be viewed as an alarm bell, telling you something is not working properly.

Services we provide

Both the chiropractors at Hook Chiro use a variety of skills and techniques to help their patients. There is no �one solution fits all� approach when it comes to dealing with the human body and we take every individuals needs into account.

The primary technique we use in practice is known as Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT) (www.sotoeurope.org) . This technique utilises a number of different skills which enable your chiropractor to identify the primary trigger for your complaint, whatever it may be. In many cases the trigger is not immediately obvious and can be as varied as being related to an old running injury, a bite problem, dietary issues, stress or old injuries that have never fully healed.

SOT uses traditional chiropractic manipulation alongside cranial techniques and gentle mobilisation. This means it can be highly effective in everyone from weight lifters and elite athletes to young children and elderly patients with osteoporosis.

For more information on how we may be able to help you or to book an appointment please contact us at 01256 630506 or office@hookchiro.co.uk